Live Edge Tables For Sale

I like to add posts like this so that people searching Google for some live edge stuff in the Argyll or Glasgow or anywhere else really, find my page. There's a lot of shite out there and I like to do what I can to fight through it. 

There's a few live edge tables I've got for sale in the 'Store' section of this site and I've been picking up a few slabs when something catches my eye. Have a look in the store, have a look in past posts too and if you've been looking for a live edge slab for a conference table, a dining table, a coffee table or whatever else then just give me a message and we'll see what we can do. 

On out of the pieces in the ‘Store’ section I’m open to offers. Mostly everything apart from the skateboards and longboards. Hit me with it.

Take to easy. :)