Dovetails in oak drawers

Just working our way through this oak kitchen and it’s coming out pretty nice, I like it.

Got the drawers done last week, dovetail joints, nice.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do drawers without dovetails now. This drawer and cabinet still has to be sanded and finished but you get the idea. It’s a nice detail on a kitchen or wardrobe or whatever that’s got drawers.

Also, if you look on the Instagram (@neilmckinlay or hit the Instagram Icon top right of this website) I posted that I’ve got a live edge elm table for sale. It needs to go so I’m open to offers on it. Not stupid offers though, none of yer nonsense.

And also, also, if you’re looking for anything made from July/August time then give me an email, I should have a few weeks to fill. Remember, choose the small guys who make wooden stuff, especially the guy in Argyll called Neil with the three kids who won’t stop growing, they need to eat.