Hague Blue Front Door

We just finished up this front door, or storm doors for a house down in Glasgow. I had posted about it on the Facebook and Instagram but not everyones on there. To fill you in, I was saying how I was meant to fit them but ended up in A&E late on Friday night because my oldest son had a problem with a wall and punched it, I think it’s a hormonal thing, I might have been like that back in the day too, I just snapped golf clubs and stupid things like that. He’s fine though, three broken bones in his hand. The wall is fine and it’s because we’ve not got many plasterboard walls in this house, we like wall panelling or ‘wainscotting’ as the folk in the West End call it. It’s hard to punch through, I knew these days would come, Dad wins, walls win!

This is them in the ‘studio’ before fitting. The clients chose everything about the doors, I just made them. They went for a Farrow & Ball Hague Blue eggshell finish and gold mouldings. I’ve never done gold mouldings before but I like it.


They picked some nice brass door furniture, the fox looks great, so does the bee on the other side but I think the fox is something else.

They got the stained glass done for them from someone local to them I think, I didn’t ask but I should. Stained glass is one of those things that you see on jobs and forget to get the persons details, eventually you need some stained glass and can’t find anyone. Maybe there’s a thing with stained glass people that they don’t put their stuff on the internet and you need to hunt them down. Who knows.

The numbers are coming off because the think they’re too bg, I kinda thought that when fitting but just went ahead. the screw holes will be filled and you won’t notice they were ever there.

We’re pretty happy with them and glad for the opportunity to make stuff like this, I like clients who want stuff like this. It’s the way to do stuff. Beige is beige, man. No one really like beige, no one likes magnolia walls either.

So that’s us, they’ll get fitted and we’ll continue working on a solid oak handmade kitchen we’re making, pictures to follow over the next few weeks.

If you’ve found this on google while looking for storm doors or handmade front doors or wooden front door or hague blue front door (just adding in the words for google man, I’ve said before, it’s my only marketing strategy) then feel free to share it with whoever you think might like it or be after something like this. Handmade in Argyll and fitted in Glasgow, but we’ve fitted stuff all over, Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen, London, Wherever (Sorry, just adding the places so the search engines find it)

Have a good day, and relax, you deserve it.

UPDATE - Here’s them fitted