Switching Off Social Media

This social media n’ all that stuff has went too far. I don’t think it can be good for us, everyone watching everyone else life while their own life just passes by. Your mind filled with random pictures of what some arsehole had for dinner, going to bed wondering if those Redwing boots that some daft bastard with tattoos on his hands posted about are actually comfy boots. That’s what’s happening. It can’t be right.

Check out this, this is mine and this is average for a day. A working day. No wonder my jobs always take long. I could easily read a book in this time. Do something useful. That’s so many hours of my time here on this planet wasted.

84 pickups. I’m taking it that a ‘pickup’ is when you look at your phone. That’s incredible. No wonder my phone’s at 1% battery and I’m constantly needing to charge it.

55 Notifications a day. I don’t have notifications on for any social media so it’s all from people messaging me. Everyday I get DM’s from Instagram, I message back and it can go on and on. I wonder what it’s doing to my brain.

I try to think back to when I was super pumped about business and working for myself, I was like a crazy person and had serious drive. This was before I was on social media, I’m not even sure if social media was as big a deal back then, of course it wasn’t. Hmmm, interesting.

In the past years I suppose I’ve struggled with some mental stuff, not like full depression or anxiety but maybe a 50% strain (I know that’s not even a thing) I wonder if the screen time has anything to do with it. Maybe not but time will tell.

Moving on with this I’ve deleted the social media apps from my phone, I’ll keep messenger cos that’s how me n’ Louie communicate but I think a nice way to do it is to put your phone on do not disturb while you work. I can listen to audiobooks, podcasts and music still but not have any interruptions from messages and phone calls. If I feel the need then I’ll go on social media with the laptop where I’ll be less inclined to be a spectator in other people’s fake lives.

Crazy times man. It’s like weaning yourself off of a drug. I’ve never had any drug or drink problems so this is probably nothing like that, I apologise.

I shall report back in a week or so and see how my screen time changes and see if I feel better about it all.

Less scrolling more doing.