An Oak Bench for Your Records

I just finished up this solid oak bench from some oak I had been storing for a while.

The oak had a few splits in it, I quite like that though so I fitted some ties across the splits using some walnut. I think these are called Dutchman Ties but I’m not 100% sure. They do the job though.

I made it to be able to hold records. Apologies for the lack of records, I don’t have a lot, I might get more but Spotify’s got everything , man and those hipsters ruined the record collecting for people who genuinely like records and they’re not doing it for “a mood” or for instagram pictures. You know what I’m talking about. It’s went too far.

This is solid oak finished with Osmo wood wax. I’ve not used a lot of Osmo but it’s really nice, I like it.


I like this piece. I like the splits with the ties. I think a lot of people are numb to the way wood is because there’s so much stuff made by robots now. My favourite pieces are the bits that aren’t 100% straight, the pieces that are made because the wood decides. Know what I mean? That’s what I’m into.

I like to make this type of stuff. Stuff that, If I saw it in a shop, and didn’t have the ability to make it I’d enquire about buying it. It’s my kinda thing. This will probably be put up in the ‘Store’ section soon for sale. If you see this before it’s in the Store and would like to buy it just send me an email for the details.

If you’re looking for some handmade furniture and you’re in the Argyll area, or Glasgow or Edinburgh, or pretty much anywhere, it’s 2019, internet and couriers, man. Or if you know someone who’d like what I make then I’d appreciate you telling them. Commissions welcome too. Thanks for looking. Take it easy.