A Modern Sleek Table?

I first spoke to these people probably two years ago about some work they wanted done, it didn’t come to anything but they kept my details and got in touch for this table. They renovated their flat in the West End of Glasgow mostly by themselves. It looked great when I went back to take see what they wanted to do with this table and some shelves.

I called this a ‘Modern Sleek Table’ but I’m not even sure if that’s what it should be called. The folks wanted a white table with curved ends. I came up with this quick sketch and it was what they were after.

We used MDF and it was spray finished white. The curved ends were done from tulip wood and shaped on the CNC by my friend Malcolm.

This was the first time I’ve made a table from MDF with such a long span. I decided to sandwich 3 lengths of metal box section between the top and underside to stop the MDF from sagging and it worked just fine.


Pleased how it turned out. The spray finishing works great on the MDF, I’m not really a fan of using MDF for stuff but this went pretty smooth and the folks said it was beautiful so there ye go.

Nothing much else to report but I’ve got a few nice slabs of elm that I’m picking up next week if anyones interested in a big elm dining table. Or I can do you one like this in the pictures. Either way just give me a shout and tell your mates if you think they’d be interested in what I do. It’s appreciated.

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